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Company Policy

  • Each STATA product is supported by the company’s warranty as mentioned in the warranty card. The card is a must to access STATA’s warranty services.
  • Any evidence of prying/damaging the internal/external will void the above mentioned warranties.
  • STATA products are not marketed as Water Proof. Any water damage/ internal water entry will void the warranties.
  • Faulty products can be returned any time the consumer wants with in the 1 year of its purchase.
  • STATA provides free repair service of internal components for as per given in the warranty card.
  • In case of extra repair parts, Clients are liable to pay the parts’ price only.
  • Any permanent damages during 3rd Party installation voids the warranty policy (Reverse Voltage Damage, Damage to microcontroller and sensors, Damage to the PCB and Faulty Earthing).
  • STATA Products are returnable only until they are installed in a Client’s House.
  • In case of Deliveries, faulty products are to be reported by THREE working days.
  • Internal and External damage will be acknowledged only before installation of the product.
  • Any STATA product’s internal faults, after the installment, will be serviced/replaced by the company
  • STATA does not take after-installation external damages in to account while replacing products.
  • STATA Products can be sent for Trial periods or as Samples will be clearly observed as per the Contract mentions
  • The period is only to assess the quality and design of the products, any internal or external damage is highly discouraged.
  • Internal damages like rewiring, restructuring and PCB/microprocessor damage will result in the void of the policy.
  • Any damage on the provided products will result in the Client paying for the product’s MRP.
  • The Client stays legally liable to STATA unless and until the trial products are returned safely.
  • For most cases, STATA prefers its own in house engineers to install its products
  • STATA ensures seamless installation without any internal/external damage to the products.
  • In case of a third party installer, STATA takes no responsibility for any internal/external damages to the products.
  • Any permanent damages during 3rd party installation may void the warranty.
  • In case of Troubleshooting, Clients may have to grant APP access to STATA for monitoring.
  • STATA ensures total Client Privacy Policy and only wishes to use the access as a monitoring tool.